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Hello, my name is Manfred Rädlein, Management Director of Global Holz GmbH. I welcome you to GHG - Global Holz GmbH Online. Who are we?


"Over many years we won knowledge of our partners worldwide and personal contacts with our mills over long periods of time gives our customers a high degree of security concerning price, quality and performance.

GHG has been involved in the worldwide wood business for many years. Since some time ago we have developed to be an expert with Chinese Plywood and   other wood products. We haver built up a good relationship with solid partners. Many custumers take advantage of our excellent contacts. We invite you, to make acquaintance with our partners at their location in far east.


More then ever before the markets have becom very volatile as the world has become a huge trading place. Every political or economical event some where on the globe tends to influence marktes, prices, logisitcs and business.


We can help you navigate through these rough seas of the wood business by means of our expertism and experience.


We   invite you to browse through our pages to see who we are and what services we can offer.           


We wish you a lot of fun!





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 “Your success is our business!“


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